What is LAP?

LAP is a student-centred and volunteer-based mentoring programme designed to assist schools to implement one-to-one learning that supports, guides and enriches the wellbeing and learning outcomes of their students from Reception–Year 12.

It focuses on the wellbeing, academic, social and emotional needs of students through the powerful and positive contribution of mentors.

LAP assists schools to:

  • Develop positive relationships between students/mentors in a safe, one-to-one environment
  • Build confidence and self-esteem in students
  • Support the successful learning of students
  • Promote, encourage and value parent/caregiver and community commitment and participation
  • Foster and strengthen parent/caregiver and teacher relationships to benefit students
  • Create a genuine, supportive and positive school community

Enabling your students to develop resilience and wellbeing through positive mentoring.


Latest News

2021 AGM

Thursday 11th November 2021
6.30pm Arkaba Hotel,
150 Glen Osmond Rd,
Fullarton SA 5063