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Welcome to the
Learning Assistance Programme

When you're young, learning can be a delight or a difficulty. Some young people are challenged by their inability to express themselves, or they hide their feelings behind a shield of self doubt. Some have a feeling of isolation, some a sense of being behind the other students, while others are more able than the rest of their peers. These barriers can be very real and children and young people often need extra personal or academic enrichment and support, as well as the opportunity to spend time in a caring atmosphere with someone they can trust.

The Learning Assistance Programme (LAP) provides the safe and well-structured framework for this to happen. Schools are able to harness the untapped resources of their communities - their parents, grandparents, senior students, old scholars and community members. These special mentors work on a one-to-one basis with the same student every week.

On behalf of the Executive Committee of the LAP Association, welcome to this new LAP site. We trust you will find the information and services included in the site to be of value to you as you enjoy your LAP journey,

Penny Penhall OAM
(10/6/1945 - 22/7/2015)
Chair, The LAP Association Inc.
LAP Consultant